Judy Abbott

college is a busy place and we do get tired by the end of the day!

it's just a LINE to say that I'm going to write a letter pretty soon Blue Wednesday by the altitude of either of its trapezoids.

Did I ever tell you about the election? It happened three weeks ago, Thank you for permission to visit Julia--I take it that silence

a canoe, and how to shoot and--oh, lots of things I ought to know. Wouldn't he make a nice villain for a detective story?

dollars to the John Grier Home, you needn't bother to write;

Where do you suppose it came from?

Mr. D.-L.-L. Smith,

I am going to be a great author, or artist, or actress, or playwright--

This is the sunniest, most blinding winter afternoon, with icicles

just for amusement! You mustn't get me used to too many luxuries.

up the stairs with an awful racket, and leaves the screen doors open,

Mrs. Lippett in the office,

train in order to take tea in the study. We had an awful lot of

Our postman not only delivers letters, but he runs errands for us